Life Transformation Sessions

For those who have experienced any sort of fear, rejection, trauma, anxiety, depression, act out in radical behavior, or experience recurring nightmares, my L.I.F.E. method enables the removal of embedded lies and unlimiting beliefs resulting in greater freedom.  (Yes! It's THAT good!)

Bullet-Proofed Faith

Enroll in this program to learn a proven process that will impart to your children a strong, abiding, life-long faith that withstands the pressures of society, both before and after leaving home. 

Health Solutions

Hey, you! Ready to get Free from health issues? Before using prescriptions with serious side effects, try out my proven Solutions for Digestive Complaints, Sugar Imbalance, Allergies and Sleep Issues.

You were designed to thrive, live in joy and see the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams.


My techniques, programs and courses have been designed to enable parents to raise their children in a faith strong enough to withstand the pressures of society, free you from burdens that limit your progress, and accelerate you and yours toward the fulfillment of your dreams!

My Bullet-proofed faith course teaches parents how to guide their children to grow spiritually from a very young age, enabling them much-needed guidance as they enter adulthood.

At Free to Live we live by the philosophy that you will “Prosper as your soul prospers.”

Next Steps...

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