Life Transformation

The LIFE method is a person-to-person guided session with Francina that seeks to discover and release the root cause of current issues which hinder your freedom and progress.

A Certified Health Paraprofessional, Francina is the facilitator. No suggestions are made. No memories are implanted. The facilitator uses a listening-guiding method to help you discover errors in belief systems and replace them with truths; and the truth always leads to greater freedom.

It is important to note that, although these sessions have a positive effect on mental and emotional health, the LIFE method is not conventional counseling or mental healthcare. However, people who have paid for a lifetime of professional help without seeing permanent results have found total freedom from these sessions. Many professionals have abandoned more conventional practices due to finding greater success with this method.

The transformation that results from a single session may vary from a sense of an irritating or distracting burden being permanently lifted to an astounding experience of peace and joy. In every successful session, the person experiences greater freedom. Often their responses to specific life challenges change for the better. The overall transformation of several sessions is typically life-changing and positively affects the receiver's choices and decisions going forward.

Often the receiver is seeking help with something in his/her life that is simply frustrating. He/she may also seek freedom from constant sadness, flare ups of anger or other more serious issues. These issues usually hinder progress toward our goals.

Francina received her certification over 17 years ago and has since practiced this signature method.

Let's get you started with a 15-30 minute "Discovery" phone call to assure success in the ensuing session.

Spiritually Independent

The Spiritually Independent course was designed with parents in mind, but the first two modules are applicable to any individual.

As parents, we can't help but wonder if we are making mistakes. After all, no one is perfect. Without outside influences, we inevitably pass on our own imperfections to our children. Most of what they learn is "caught" from watching us, not "taught." However, there is One perfect being, and if we teach our children to follow Him, they will avoid many pitfalls.

In a moment of great humility, realizing that there is no way I am perfect enough to raise my children without potentially making huge mistakes, I turned to the Holy Spirit for answers. As a result, my four children have grown to be amazing adults who seek God for solutions in their own lives and have all become leaders that their peers look up to and follow.

My Spiritually Independent course is a compilation of the inspirations that resulted from that prayer, as well as the lessons I've learned and the research I have done over the years. It is a four-part course designed to teach you as well as your children how to live in a close relationship with God beginning at a very young age so that they are sensitive to and guided by the presence and influence of the Holy Spirit through their entire lives.

In the first module, you will learn how to place the Holy Spirit in the "front seat" of your life so that you may be able to teach the same to your children.

In the second module, you will learn a multi-step, proven method for receiving divine guidance for making important decisions in your life.

In the third and fourth modules, you as a parent will learn how to teach your children what you have learned from the first and second modules.

These modules can also be used by leaders to teach members in their church group.

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